Please don't misunderstand.  I am not portraying humanity in this show.  I am portraying people in whom something has gone horribly wrong.  Except for Robert Latimer and possibly Andrea Yates, I can't say I found their stories particularly interesting: but they each provided an opportunity to invent a character outwardly disfigured in some way by something inside them.  Or by something missing inside them.


Aileen Wuornos killed several men while working as a prostitute.  Her motive seems to have been robbery although her anger shows clearly in photographs and interviews.

Ted Bundy used his good looks and charm to attract women who he overpowered, raped and murdered.  He is estimated to have killed 35 victims.  He explained in an interview that his sexual fantasies began with porn magazines in his youth and escalated from there. 

Lizzy Borden is reputed to have killed her mother and her father although she was never convicted.

John Wayne Gacy was a businessman who murdered 33 teenage boys.  26 bodies were discovered in the crawlspace under his home.  He often dressed as a clown at fundraisers and children's parties.

Robert Latimer, a Saskatchewan farmer, put his young daughter into his truck and gassed her with the exhaust fumes.  The child, Tracy, had severe mental and physical handicaps.  He claimed to have killed her to spare her a life of endless agony. 

Andrea Yates drowned her five children in her home in the bathtub.  She was at first convicted of murder but was subsequently committed to a hospital for the insane.

Esther Eggers, an attractive Australian woman, lured men into alleyways so her brother could knock them out and rob them.

Russell Williams is a Canadian air force colonel who raped and killed two young women . 

Clifford Olson of British Columbia was convicted of raping and murdering several young men and women.  In a negotiated deal he showed the police the location of 11 bodies in return for over $100,000 to be paid to his wife.

Anne Grigg-Booth was an English nurse who was accused of mercy-killing her elderly patients.  She came to be called the Angel of Death.  A jury found her not guilty of the crimes.

Karla Homolka was recently released from 12years in prison for her partricipation  in the kidnapping, rape and murder of young girls among them her sister Tammy.  Her husband Paul Bernardo is serving a life sentence for the crimes

Susan Smith drowned her two children by plunging them into a lake strapped in a car .  Her motive seems to have been to hold the interest of a wealthy boyfriend who didn't want children.  Due to limited space, Susan  may not find a place in the exhibition.